Request lease

Call 030 249 20 13 for advice!


  • Lease is only possible for the business market.
  • You can find the rates on the detail page of the machine.
  • Only possible in combination with Café del Mar coffee.
  • Due to travel time outside Amsterdam lease costs may be higher.

Why Jura & Café del Mar?

service &

As a Jura specialist we offer short lines, fast service and exceptional industry knowledge. Whether you are looking for a new coffee machine or repair/replacement of the current one, our team will have your back.

buy &

As an official Jura dealer, we also offer the B2B market a lease option, with or without all-in service. This way your coffee machine will always match your situation.


Fair Trade, sustainable & delicious too! We only use 100% Arabica beans that are roasted weakly according grandmothers recipe. Enjoy a delicious cup of liquid gold with Jura & Café del Mar combined.